At the time of transition between Summer to Autumn, you will not be able to ignore the soft, feminine pleated dresses. Instead of the somewhat boring original, designs with vibrant colors and eye-catching designs will “dominate” your wardrobe this year.

As an endless source of inspiration for world-famous fashion houses like Dior, Peter Do, pleated skirts are one of the rare designs that appear continuously on the catwalk through the seasons and never go out of style. .

If you are still wondering why this simple design is so popular with fans, let ELLE answer it for you. Pleated skirts are extremely popular with women because of their comfort, flexibility and ability to “conquer” any situation. This dress can be worn from dates with friends to formal offices, and even lavish, stylish parties. 


casual wear pleated skirts

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Dior Fashion Show pleated skirt

(Photo: Hawt Celebs)


In addition to the basic plain dress, update your wardrobe and change your style to welcome the fall with 5 new and stylish pleated skirt designs.


Dresses with chiffon ?covered with pleats are items that you definitely must not miss in Autumn. The floating chiffon material is cleverly pleated, covered with a smooth petticoat that will help the design move smoothly and fly in your footsteps. The most perfect combination of this dress style is the combination with a blazer in the same color as the waist and high heels .

Dong Nhi pleated skirt

(Photo: @singerdongnhi)

In addition, this design also a? Different version chiffon pleated skirt is pierced with embossed textures. Compared to the femininity of the original, this “variant” gives the wearer a unique, personality but still very “High Fashion”. This dress is often worn with high-waisted plain shorts or a tight-fitting short skirt in neutral tones. With this way of wearing, women will cleverly show off their long legs and sexy body curves hidden under the see-through skirt.

tulle pleated skirt

(Photo: Petite Flower Presents)


Compared to the original, pleated skirt with unique asymmetrical design will bring novelty to women’s style. Subtle and deliberate high-low slits at the bottom of the skirt lend a specially designed structure to this fashion staple.

Khaite asymmetrical pleated skirt

(Photo: Khaite)

asymmetrical dress design

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Experiment with 5 styles with pleated skirts


black leather pleated skirt

(Ảnh: @amagodson_a)

In addition to the traditional black color, pleated leather skirts with vibrant colors such as red and green are also worth trying for women.

Green leather pleated skirt

(Photo: @thestylestalkercom)


For the girls who always want to stand out and attract all eyes, printed printed skirts will be the perfect fashion suggestion for you. Who can take your eyes off the skirt is decorated textured eye-catching and bright colors anyway?

pattern pleated skirt

(Photo: Style du Monde)

With this style of skirt, limit the upper part by choosing shirts with simple designs and neutral colors to avoid the overall look.

printed pleated skirt

(Photo: In Style)


Fashionable designs with colorful and eye-catching colors not only highlight but also bring optimism and love to the wearer. Besides, “playing” with the same colors on the costumes also proves the sophistication and sophistication of fashionistas. Try your coordination skills with the outstanding colorful dresses that are “stirring” the fashion world this Summer.

Gucci 7-color pleated skirt

(Photo: Live About)

However, don’t get too hung up on details when wearing colorful pleated skirt designs. The best options are single-color shirts or the same color as the skirt.

pleated skirt

(Photo: Hallie Daily)

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